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Co-employment. What is it good for?

Co-Employment helps you to solve complex personnel issues - simply, transparently, legally compliant and fairly.

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8 Examples of application scenarios

  • Restructuring
    A medium-sized company was about to restructure its IT team. In order to introduce new technologies, it needed short-term support from IT experts. PORTEGO's co-employer model enabled the flexible and needs-based deployment of personnel.
  • Headcount restrictions
    A leading car brand urgently needed more engineers for an innovation project, despite internal staffing restrictions. Thanks to PORTEGO, these specialists could be hired, officially under PORTEGO, but with full commitment to the car manufacturer. In this way, the project goals were achieved without exceeding internal limits.
  • Hiring-Freeze
    A bank was faced with an urgent need for compliance staff during a hiring freeze. PORTEGO provided the solution by legally hiring the required staff while still complying with the hiring freeze.
  • Taking on trainees
    A technology company was unable to offer its newly qualified trainees a permanent position. PORTEGO stepped in with a flexible interim solution and secured the talent for the company until permanent positions were available.
  • Volunteer programs
    A technology company reduced its workforce through a volunteer program. A short time later, however, the order situation changed and it needed new skilled workers. As it was not possible to hire new employees immediately, it employed them temporarily via PORTEGO - and was thus able to react quickly to the market changes.
  • Extension of the probationary period
    An AI startup wanted to extend the trial period of a developer in order to test their skills more thoroughly. With PORTEGO's support, this flexibility was granted, allowing the startup to make an informed decision without violating legal boundaries.
  • Trial period extension for international talents
    A software company planned to hire a foreign team for a long-term project, but wanted to extend the usual trial period. PORTEGO made this possible by taking over the official hiring and allowing the company to conduct a comprehensive assessment without legal concerns.
  • Staffing of temporary projects
    PORTEGO provided qualified specialists for a temporary research project in the field of renewable energies. As a legal employer, PORTEGO provided the necessary flexibility in the course of the project without entering into long-term commitments, thus contributing to the successful completion of the project.

With PORTEGO as a co-employer, your company masters the effects of restructuring, headcount restrictions and other special challenges in the HR sector. Cost-efficient, transparent, fair and legally compliant.

PORTEGO: Your co-employer in challenging times

We are your expert for the assumption of personnel risks in Germany. Since 2002, PORTEGO has been helping companies of all sizes to overcome employment obstacles caused, for example, by headcount restrictions and M&A processes in an extremely cost-effective, simple and legally compliant manner.


We act as a co-employer. This means that you recruit your employees yourself and according to your own standards and define their remuneration package. We take on all employment contract risks and administrative tasks. And all this at a transparent monthly flat rate for each employee.

Find out more about our co-employer model: arrange a free, no-obligation phone consultation today.

Your benefits


Transparent and virtually cost-neutral

With our co-employer model, you can bridge times of crisis and headcount challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. We assume all employment contract risks for your employees as well as all administrative services at a transparent all-inclusive price. This means you always have a full overview of your personnel costs.


Fair for you and your employees

We focus on fairness in everything we do and offer you and your employees crystal-clear conditions. You benefit from extremely favorable conditions with a fixed, transparent monthly flat rate including all administrative expenses. Together with your employees, you define the conditions for their employment and we implement these in full in the employment contract. This makes equal pay and equal treatment possible from day one.


Legally compliant for every company

With PORTEGO, you are legally on the safe side. Regardless of the size of your company, we offer you a legally secure way of employing staff on the basis of the AÜG without assuming any contractual personnel risks.

This is how we were able to help our customers with the co-employer model

Frank Schmidt, Director HR & Administration 

SANY Europe GmbH

"The co-employer model presented to us by PORTEGO makes our operational HR planning much easier. The support we receive from this tool is very valuable to us. We appreciate the flexibility! Thank you very much for this great solution, the conditions of which are extremely fair for the employees and for the company."

Dr. Johannes Kunze, HR Lead

Prosystems IT GmbH

"We have been working successfully with PORTEGO for many years and use the services they offer. With the co-employer model, PORTEGO has always helped us quickly and on fair terms when employment could not be mapped directly with us. This has been to the satisfaction of both Prosystems IT and the employees deployed via this model."

Christoph Pauly, HR Manager

GKN Powder Metallurgy Engineering GmbH

"The co-employer model fitted perfectly into our HR strategy around six years ago. Because it is transparent for us, easy to budget for and enables extremely fair conditions for our external employees. The legal security of this employment model offered by PORTEGO on the basis of the German Temporary Employment Act is crucial. Fast and efficient implementation with PORTEGO. A real gain."

Christian Otto, Director HR & Training EAR (ret.)

Toyota Financial Services GmbH

"Win³ with PORTEGO: A good 20 years have now passed since Dr. Appel approached me and we talked about the development of employee leasing. His idea of a co-employer model immediately impressed me as HR manager. We at Toyota were also struggling with the economic crisis in 2001/2002 and could not easily recruit the staff we needed. The opportunity to employ staff with PORTEGO without directly burdening the payroll helped us a lot. The fact that the employees were hired by PORTEGO on our terms and for a very fair surcharge secured us numerous valuable employees who were subsequently taken on directly as permanent employees at Toyota.
I have therefore recommended this special employment model to my successors when I changed jobs internally and have used it myself in other places. The co-employer model has created a win-win-win situation. Both employers and employees were satisfied."

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Dr. Bernd Marian Appel

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Appel specializes in solving complex personnel issues. These include, in particular, headcount restrictions and restructuring. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation.

Tel.: 0228 943737-27


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